Buying Tips

Shopping for a new horse can be one of the most exciting and frustrating experiences. The possibilities seem limitless when you set out on your search, but buyers often burn out after searching through what feels like hundreds of potential prospects.

Need a checklist for the horse buying process? Read our tips below!

Before you start shopping, be realistic about what you want and need in your next horse. Are you looking to start showing, try a new discipline or will this be your first horse to help you build your skills and confidence? Do you need a flashy young prospect or an older mount to show you the ropes?

With social media and the internet, you can look at all of the horses available in the horse sale with the touch of a button. Review all of the information including description, temperament rating, pedigree information, images and video. Research the seller and contact them directly. Ask lots of questions. If possible, make arrangements to visit and see the horse in person prior to the sale.

If you’re purchasing the horse for a riding career, this might seem like common sense. But make sure you give yourself the chance to really evaluate the horse before buying and ensure it’s a good fit for you. Bring along an experienced second set of eyes to give you an outside perspective while you ride or work with the horse. Make sure the horse is in good health and suits the purpose you have in mind. Be sure to note his personality. Does it complement your own? Assess the horse’s performance, handling and ground manners. Have the handler or seller work with the horse first. If you’re buying him for a special purpose, be sure to have the handler or seller show you the horse’s abilities. Take a test ride. Determine if the horse performs for you as well as for the original handler. Note: If the horse performs much better for the handler than you, that is okay and may not be the horse’s fault. The horse might require a more advanced rider. If you decide to buy the horse, you might consider taking lessons and furthering your personal horsemanship skills to ride the horse successfully. Decide how much of a challenge you want and how much you are willing to grow your skills with the horse that you decide to purchase.

QData’s Dam’s Produce Report and Sire Report provide insight into bloodlines. These reports will tell you if your horse has siblings who have earned money, points or notable achievements. Even if the horse is grade, understanding it's pedigree can help you get a good idea if the horse will be a good fit to help you meet your goals.

If you like a particular horse, don’t forget to ask to see the veterinarian pre-purchase exam. This provides an overall health examination of the horse so you will have a better idea of what care your future horse might need. Be sure the horse has current Coggins papers, and find out when the horse was last vaccinated and dewormed.


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